Suanne delivers such an amazing experience no matter the service you choose.  The facials are so thorough and relaxing, I plan to visit her once a month!  IF you have any skin concerns she will be able to help! Run to her you will be so glad you did. Colleen H. on May 2, 2018

Suanne was amazing.  This was the best facial I've ever had and the
results were exactly what I was hoping for.  My family noticed what a
difference her anti-aging treatment did for my skin.  I'm now
following the at home and am very pleased with the results.  Looking
forward to my next facial!  Susan G. 1.21.18

Everything is always wonderful in every aspect of my visit. Dawn D. 8.8.17

Every time I've been has been great. Suanne does a wonderful job and is a super fun person to chat with. I'm not in town much but I will continue to go here whenever I am, she's fantastic all around. Cat O. 8.8.17

Suanne is the best- does a great waxing job. Cheryl C. 8.5.2017

A great place to go. The staff is professional, knowledgeable, and fun. I've been going for several years now and would recommend them without any hesitation. Ted C. 8.4.17

My first facial it was amazing very relaxing and you now have a new customer. I highly recommend you and will tell everyone I know. Thank you. Monique J. 8.3.17

"Suanne Kimmel is on top of the skin game..innovative and highly skilled Esthetician. She programs your treatments to your individual skin care needs. ALL the treatments I've had with her have been fabulous, her hand and foot massages are an added bonus while you are getting a facial, not to forget mentioning the scalp massage..I highly recommend Eco Skin Pro." Tina A. 5.18.2017

"This was a fantastic facial. It was one of the best I've ever had, the hand and foot massage was awesome." Tina A. 3.1.2017

"I only trust my brows to Suanne! Despite having hair removal via waxing, I depart feeling relaxed and cared for. Looking forward to seeing Suanne next month!" Janet M. 2.28.2017

"After using TAMA’s Blue Onyx treatments, which cost me less than BOTOX® injections, my skin looks radiant! No more blotchiness, my fine lines are gone and my wrinkles have significantly diminished. Blue Onyx is my new favorite all-natural beauty treatment—hands down!” Diane A., Phoenix, AZ, Age 52

 ”I have suffered from Dry Eye Syndrome caused by numerous eye surgeries for the past 20 years.  I have tried prescription drugs and every type of dry eye drops recommended by my physician and have experienced little if any relief.  Since having my eye area treated with the Blue Onyx my use of eye drops has been greatly reduced, and most importantly my eyes no longer feel constantly gritty and do not look bloodshot all the time.  I no longer wake up 4 to 5 times per night to put in eye drops.  It has been like a miracle to me! The other benefit is the relief of my sinus headaches I was constantly having around my right eye. The Blue Onyx treatment took that pressure and pain away.” - Wendy

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