Facial Add-ons

Rejuvenating Decolletage Mask
This treatment bathes the entire decolletage with moisture and transfers antioxidants and lightening ingredients that help brighten skin tone and restore smoother texture.  
Add on to Microcurrent & Rezenerate treatments  
LED Light Add-on
Stimulate Collagen production, heal blemishes, soothe irritated skin, brighten the complexion and promote healthy lymphatic drainage.  
30 minutes   
Microcurrent Eye Treatment
Soothing massage with Microcurrent & LED, an undereye collagen patch and Ultrasonic Infusion of Therapeutic Eye Serum into the delicate eye area for improved elasticity, smoothing and plumping fine lines.  
10 minutes  
Rezenerate Add-on
Add a Rezenerate Treatment to a Customized Facial or Microcurrent Treatment.  
15 minutes