Facial Add-ons

Rejuvenating Decolletage Mask
Decolletage Rejuvenating Peel-off Mask. Bathes the décolletage with moisture, antioxidants & lightening ingredients that help brighten skin tone and restore smoother texture.  
Add on to facial treatments  
LED Light Add-on
LED utilizes photo-therapy to revitalize the skin. Light energy at varying wavelengths can help to stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation and trigger collagen production. LED also works to energize cells, making the skin work at full capacity. Although you do not put the light directly over the eyes, which are covered with small goggles, it works well in softening the fine lines and wrinkles surrounding the eye, especially crow’s feet.  
30 minutes   
Microcurrent Eye Treatment
 Microcurrent delivers electrical energy to specific points designed to retrain the muscles. This is especially helpful in the eye area, as it loses tone more rapidly than other areas of the face. Performing microcurrent around the eyes can be an adjunct to any facial, as it typically gives an immediate lift before a big event. It is important to note, however, that long-term results are cumulative and may take several treatments.  
10 minutes  
Rezenerate Add-on
Add a Rezenerate Treatment to a Facial or Microcurrent Treatment.  
15 minutes