Let's talk about Peels

Enzyme and Chemical Peels

An enzyme or chemical peel is used to improve the appearance of the skin on the face, neck or hands. By applying a solution to the areas treated, it speeds up the process of cellular renewal by flaking or peeling of the skin, revealing the new, fresh skin to be revealed. The new regenerated skin is much more smooth, softer, brighter and less wrinkled than the old skin cells. It is extremely important to take care of this new skin by using the right healing products, as well as, daily SPF moisturizer. 

I only offer light "lunch time" peels and medium depth peels. With a lunch time peel, you may only experience microscopic flaking or no flaking at all within a few days of treatment. With medium depth peels, you may experience slight flaking to peeling of the skin for 3-7 days after treatment. My approach to peels is cumulative, rather than aggressive.

You don’t need to peel with a peel! If you don't flake or peel, this does not mean the peel was ineffective. The ingredients  still worked. Please know that flaking or peeling of the skin is only a side effect of a peel. If you have never received a peel or resurfacing treatment before or do not follow a good home care regimen, you will be more susceptible to seeing visual exfoliation, whereas someone who has regular treatments and has a professional home care regimen, will have healthier skin and not as much visual exfoliation. Either way, the peel is still doing what is needed to be done and you will see significant results.

You may also experience dryness and tightness but will not experience the trauma associated with deeper peels which could be full skin sloughing, redness or peeling for a long period of time. I like to be progressive rather than aggressive with my treatments, resulting in beautiful, polished skin over time. Peels can be built up to be a bit more aggressive after a few treatments. 

According to your lifestyle, skin type, conditions and desired results, I will carefully choose and formulate which peel or peels would be best for you. A series of 6-8 treatments, every 1-2 weeks is recommended. For optimal results, continue with maintenance every 6-8 weeks. 

To Prepare For Your Peel

Before a peel can be performed, a 15 minute complimentary skin analysis/consultation is required prior to your first appointment. This is so we can go over any questions or concerns you may have and to get your skin prepped and ready before the treatment. A patch test will also be given to avoid any irritation or allergies. 

After your initial consultation, you will begin home care products for at least one week without irritation prior to your first procedure. This will help derive the most benefit from your treatment. Do not use Retin-A for 1 week prior to the treatment. If you have a breakout of cold sores or fever blisters on the face before your scheduled appointment, please notify me and we will reschedule your appointment. Avoid sun exposure or sun burning before your scheduled appointment.

Post Peel 

With glycolic and lactic peels, there should only be microscopic flaking. Keep in mind with glycolic or lactic peels that it is a series of peels to achieve your desired results. You do not necessarily have to discontinue the pre-peel care during these light peels. It is important that you always use a sunblock of at least SPF 15. With salicylic or TCA peels, there usually is flaking. Every client is different on how much peeling or flaking he/she will receive. After a salicylic or TCA peel, it is important to follow given instructions. 

For optimal, cumulative results book a series of 6 peels or the 8 week Depigmentation Series. We can achieve great results with little to no downtime.